Pay Dues Online

Individual Membership Dues:

Club membership dues are $550 per year for members 40 and over.  Club membership dues for young professionals under 40 are $275 annually.

Members are invoiced in July during each fiscal year for their annual dues-over 40 = $550 annually and under 40 = $275 annually.

Dues are due upon receipt.  Members can pay during a Monday meeting or they can mail in a check or pay by credit card at a Monday meeting.  All credit card processing includes a 3.5% convenience fee to cover credit card charges.

Dues - Over 40

Dues - Under 40

Corporate Membership Dues:

Corporate dues are $1,500 annually per corporation and are billed July 1 of each new fiscal year.

You may pay your dues by sending a check to the Rotary Office made payable to Rotary Club of Toledo.

Contributions to the Toledo Rotary Club Foundation should be made by sending a separate check made payable to the Toledo Rotary Club Foundation.