Transformational Projects

Rotary Club of Toledo votes to approve three Transformational Projects.

In 2012, all Club members were invited to participate in a year-long process that would result in a five-year strategic plan – this planning process resulted in the development and creation of our Club’s Vision Statement along with our Club’s five strategic initiatives to be addressed and implemented between 2013-2017.

The Club has focused heavily on strategic initiative #2 – to select and support several major community transformational projects, and in 2014 three projects were proposed through three separate service committees – community service, youth service, and international service.

These projects were proposed, vetted, and voted on by Club members to make a big impact in the Toledo community and abroad.

In addition, the Club, as part of its centennial in 2012 pledged $300,000 to the Middlegrounds, the first downtown park in the Metroparks system. The Middlegrounds opened in 2016 and the Rotary Club of Toledo held a special celebration there in the fall of 2016.